Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thinking outside the box: Off-spec Healing part II

Continuing from part I.


You'll always have Innervate.


  • Genesis: This is really a resto talent. It provides a veeery minor dps increase, or even a minor healing increase. I'd recommend Starlight Wrath for a balance druid intending to dps at all any day.

  • Moonglow: Quality mana-conservation talent. In fact, so good, you'd be stupid if you don't pick it up as a resto as well. No reason not to take it for anyone, in fact.
  • Nature's Majesty: +4% crit to most spells.

  • Nature's Grace: 0.5 sec caster heals when you crit. Except on Healing Touch if you have both Naturalist and Glyph of Healing Touch (which is pretty unlikely for a balance druid), this'll benefit all your cast-time heals

  • Nature's Splendor: Lots of talents with "Nature's ..." in them. For a single point, this is a rather solid talent to have while healing.

  • Celestial Focus: +3% haste. Useful.

  • Lunar Guidance: More spellpower!

  • Dreamstate: 3 talent points to get 10% of int as mp5. Cheaper than Unrelenting Storm. How come they don't cost the same? No, I'm arguing that the shammy version should be cheaper.

  • Force of Nature: When I had this talent, I noticed it has a taunting effect on the enemies when you first summon them. Handy. Doesn't work with enemies immune to nature damage (earth and air elementals, mostly).

  • Honorable mention: Brambles, to keep aggro away from you and where it belongs, and daze those that don't get the hint. Not that it's much of a problem with 3.0, though.


A lot less here...

Not an awfully long list. Thankfully, though, you probably have two talents from resto that benefits in healing as well:


Priests' talents tree are strictly different from other healer classes. While other healer talent trees, shamans' and druids' resto trees in particular, contain hardly no talent that aid in dps, both the discipline and holy tree of priests contain a bunch of damage talents. Holy paladins' talent tree contains some, but nowhere near priests' (IMO). I'll make a separate posts about that later, but for now I'll just describe the shadow's tree healing potential.


  • Twisted Faith: 10% of your spirit as spellpower. Strictly a lot worse than Spiritual Guidance in the holy tree, but there's a secondary effect to make up for it somewhat. Not that it benefits healing, though.

  • Veiled Shadows: Shadowfiend and Fade on lower cooldowns. Both useful while healing.

  • Honorable mention to Silence. Can save a lot of damage that would otherwise have to be healed.

And that's all, folks. Luckily, though, you'll be picking up stuff from the discipline tree that helps healing. But if you want to make a dps/heal hybrid spec, you're much better off with a holy/disc hybrid build. As I said, I'll make a separate post about it later.

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