Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Liquidatin' mah resources and reading

Since I'm sort of on a break, I decided that I don't need the materials I had stocked up. During three weekends where I only posted on saturday mornings, I sold off most of it, leaving me now with somewhere between 30-40k across my characters. Handy. Not exactly Greedy Goblin-amounts, but enough to fulfill my needs for quite some time. Now my account time has run out until I decide to pay and play again.

I'm eagerly reading all blue posts and information regarding Cataclysm. I'm one step closer to finding out what I want to play in Cataclysm now. I'm just no paladin. I'm probably no priest either. So most likely it will be something like this in Cataclysm, in order of most likely at the moment.

  1. Shaman as my healer in PVE/PVP, Death Knight as my tank in PVE and dps in PVP.

  2. Druid as tank in PVE and healer in PVP.

  3. Keep all three more or less active.

  4. Druid as my healer in PVE/PVP, Death Knight as my tank in PVE and dps in PVP.

  5. Shaman as my healer, Warrior (!) as my tank in PVE and dps in PVP.

The last alternative is ... very unlikely. But for the moment more likely than playing my paladin. I've just considered levelling one, probably a goblin, to see the new starting zone and enjoy the new levelling experience. I'll probably play the Worgen starting area too. Possibly as a hunter, never had one of those. And then I can retire after the starting area, unless I fiercely fall in love with it.

By the way, just because I'm not going to play a priest or paladin doesn't mean I won't be envying them sometimes...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Status: Offline, waiting and excited

I've found that I don't have much motivation to play WoW right now. There are just no goals for me to accomplish. The only goal is to see the big, cool fights. However, to do that, I either need to join a raiding force, or I'll have to join a pug that successfully takes down the bosses. Since ICC is self-nerfing, I figure I can just wait a while and join a pug when it has become much easier.

In the end, I haven't found out which class I want to focus on for PVP either. That means I run around with a lot of moderately-equipped characters, none of them really standing a chance against a top-equipped PVPer.

Despite this, I'm not done with WoW. In fact, I'm really looking forward to Cataclysm, and reading every blue post about the design changes. So I'll be playing again then. Until then, the only stuff I do in WoW is getting my seasonal stuff done to get 310% mounts with all my characters. I've looted about 1000 eggs the last two days. I'm not a fun of RNG in achievements. One random pet in one of the eggs saved me for another 100 eggs.

In the meantime, I've tried playing a bit Team Fortress 2. While it's fun for a while, it's not a game that keeps my interest up for long. I've also borrowed Zelda: The Twilight Princess for Nintendo Wii, and Mirror's Edge for PC. Just something to play when I'm bored. It's nice playing single-player games for a change. By the way, I loved Portal. The actual portals was a nice gameplay idea, however the story was what really enthralled me. It was just pure awesome. And the song at the end? I'm still listening to it on Youtube several weeks after I played through the game. Portal 2, come to me.

I've also decided to start a D&D 4th edition campaign using Google Wave. I'm playing in two others already. That will certainly be a challenge to me. Did I mention I'm not a native english speaker?

I'm trying to keep the blog to WoW-stuff, so I don't think I will blog much about other games (applies to both computer and roleplaying games).

I've earlier tried to comment whether announced changes are "good" or "bad". In my opinion, practically every change is "good" because it is intended to improve the game. Even if class A gets nerfed and I love class A, I think it's a good thing that the balance has just been improved. I could say whether I like or dislike a change.

Today's first news, that Death Knights will be tanking only as blood, is a mixed blessing for me. I've really enjoyed tanking as Unholy and splatting corpses all over the walls. However, I can still do that by subspeccing into Unholy with my tank spec. In the end, I think I'll like the change.

I know that Blizz will improve druid tanking some. My sincere hope is that they'll improve it a lot, allowing them to actually have an interesting and challenging inherit mechanic for tanking. The rage change was a nice start.

I'm so looking forward to hearing the rest of the changes that will be announced the next tree days.