Thursday, October 23, 2008

/love Holy 3.0

Prayer of Mending + Surge of Light

We all know Prayer of Mending. But 3.0 changed it to be crittable.

We also know Surge of Light. But 3.0 changed it to also affect flash heal, giving you an instant, mana-free flash heal.

The interesting thing, though... Prayer of Mending can crit on each jump. That's incredibly good. But each of those crits can also proc Surge of Light.

I was in AB, healing left and right. Suddenly I get a Surge of Light proc when I'm not casting anything. My PoM just leapt to someone else, critted, and gave me a free flash heal.

Just praying it's not a bug and will be fixed.

Guardian Spirit.

This is the best emergency button I've ever had. Okay, it's not perfect in the sense that it'll garantuee that the target lives 10 seconds, but pretty close. I'm pretty used to Pain Suppression from my numerous dabblings into discipline, and it certianly got similarities.

I think I like Guardian Spirit more. I tossed it on our flag carrier while he was dying, and *bang* 50% life again. ... I had a warm fuzzy feeling inside when that was what saved him from dying. I believe I also can cast it from Spirit of Redemption.

Desperate Prayer

Worth a honorable mention. Nothing spectacular (and it's too bad it's no longer mana free), but solid. Works wonders against the new breed of retribution pallies, as they lack a way to reduce healing. Still a solid 2k when I desperately need it against a MS warrior or rogue.

I may never spec out of holy again.

Who am I kidding? Of course I will. I don't just suffer from class envy, but even talent envy within my own class. But it's something I'll miss.

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