Friday, September 10, 2010

Preparing for Cataclysm

I'm spending my time preparing for Cataclysm these days. I did join for a weekly pug once and some random dungeons, but only with the goal in mind to have fun with the group there and then, and that was it.

I'm preparing for my baby goblin warrior. Prepared so far:

  • 4 20-slot bags
  • 4 16-slot bags
  • lots of gold (easily prepared)
  • heirloom mail chest and shoulders, for the pre-40 levels. +4 all stats on chest.
  • heirloom plate chest and shoulders, for the post-40 levels. Actually, shoulders twice, since I've gotten both the PVP ones and the PVE ones. +4 all stats on chest.
  • heirloom haste trinket
  • heirloom PVP trinket
  • heirloom 2-h axe with Crusader
  • heirloom 1-h sword (main-hand) with crusader
  • heirloom 1-h PVP sword (off-hand) with lifestealing
  • heirloom bow... just for the extra stats
  • Prepared a heapload of buff food for levelling. See below.
For the rest of my characters, I've fished up Weather-beaten journal to get fish finding skill my druid, shaman, DK and priest. I've also gotten the turtle on my priest. I don't bother on my druid (glyphed aquatic form), but I'd like it on my DK. So far, 800 fish and no turtle there.

I've also skilled up cooking for all to 450. Easy with all the fish I've caught.

What remains? 
  • Attempt to win the Kalu'ak fishing contest for the heirloom ring
  • Fish up a turtle
  • Figure what else to spend my time on.
PS: Bonus point to whoever can figure out how many badges I've spent on heirloom stuff.


  1. clean my backpacks and get a big herb bag...

  2. First guess is "to many" since if you're going to play a plate wearer the plate will downgrade to mail pre-40 then when you learn plate it will upgrade by itself.

  3. Oh, really? Well then, in that case I've got gear for the hunter I'm going to make someday too. Perhaps a worgen?

    The only "other" thing I could've spent the badges on was stuff I could sell for gold, anyway.