Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Looking for GOOD dps

After I decided to pick up my priest again, I've spent some time gearing her up. It was fairly easy, actually, up to a certain point. I got two ilvl 264 PVP items, bought PVE gear with emblembs and got a lot of drops from the new instances.

However, it stopped in Halls of Reflection. Let me tell you a secret of mine. I love the place! No, really. It was the only instance that gave me a consistent challenge when I was tanking.

It is quite entertaining to heal too, actually. But Blizzard really did their job here, the instance requires that all the roles perform good. A tank that can both keep aggro on all targets and survive a few seconds of no healing, a healer that can keep everyone more or less alive, and dps that can pull on average 3k dps or so. In addition, you need to prioritize the targets and preferably crowd control too. There's a reason that the instance has a gear requirement before joining in the queue...

When I dinged 80 with my priest, I could pull about 2k dps on bosses. Hyperspeed Accelerators and Berserking were a big part of that, of course. I don't remember every character, but I believe all of them broke 1.5k dps before they dinged 80, given a dps spec.

I've attempted HoR 8 times now, with numerous wipes and a lot of waiting time for people to join after other have left. Six of those times were due to bad tanks. One in particular was extremely well-geared, but spent all his time in melee with two mobs, ignoring the rest. Another just plainly refused to even try, despite being well-geared. One was very polite and skilled, but just not tough enough for the job. I don't recall the rest exactly.

But... two times I've gotten good tanks. Not just good, but great. The tanks that every healer dream of queuing up with. Controls the groups, leaves the crowd-controlled mob alone, are patient and just as an added bonus interrupts spell casts on the mobs or spell reflect them.

What happened those two times? We had to give up because of too low dps. I remember in particular a rogue that averaged 1.2k dps. Because of the low group dps, we couldn't take down one wave at the start before the next spawned. We wiped when I ran out of mana. I'm not geared to chain-cast heals through all the waves without any drinking in between. And then he had the nerve to blame me for the wipe. Yes, technically it was my mana running out. However, I have no mana trouble when running the instance as intended, even healing three waves without drinking. I let him know what I thought about it.

I also recall a hunter who could pull some 2.5k dps... not too shabby, but completely ignored all my pleas for leaving the CC'ed mob alone. "Lol, this isn't ICC," he let me know.

If I'm ever going to lead a raiding group, I'd base my invitations on how a given person handled an instance such as this. Even if you overgear it, your playstyle tells me a lot about what kind of person you are in a raid group. Of course, everyone would play nice with a raid leader watching, so I'd somehow had to do it without them knowing I was watching, like having them join me with an alt they didn't know of or something.

So... now I've given up gearing up my priest anymore. I don't see much point in wading through all those frustrations when I don't have to. It's my spare time, and I'm going to take responsibility for it by not wasting too much on it on such frustrations. Instead, I've started preparing for Cataclysm.

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