Thursday, October 22, 2009

Delicious cookies! All mine! Muhahahahahaha...

... and another blog bites the dust?

Yes, it did. I ought to have made a post telling you why I stopped blogging.

However, I'll start again. This time with a slightly different focus.

What has happened?

Something like this:

  • Played my shaman for a while, gearing her up for raiding (3.1). Did some pug raids, lots of fun.

  • Got tired of only healing, wanted to tank again.

  • Fooled around with a paladin for a bit. Got it to 71.

  • Returned to my druid, levelled it to 80.

  • Geared up my druid for raiding. Lead a few Naxx-raids.

  • Applied, got accepted into a raiding force. Pretty serious 10-man force with good people. However, they were full on druids and wanted shammies.

  • Geared up my shammy again (3.2)

  • Raided one night. Found out I can't do it and function normally at work the night after. Bed at midnight, up at 6 AM. I'm a zombie half of the following day.

  • Got a bit depressed. Considered stopping WoW entirely.

  • Returned to my druid for a bit, played a bit without any specific focus. Tanked some pug raids, including Koralon 25 right after he was added.

  • Tried a death knight. Got hooked.

Status quo: DK at 74, fairly speed-leveled. Having fun meanwhile, though. Had a few short breaks to the seasonal stuff. Knowing myself, I will sooner or later want to return to healing. Which class? Don't know, thus I do the seasonal stuff on both my 80 healers (druid and shammy).

So, future stuff will most likely be centered a bit around death knights and leveling stuff. Not much raiding stuff to be expected here, I'm afraid.

I'm going to spend a bit less time writing each post. I expect a post a week, sometimes more often.

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