Friday, December 12, 2008

Die, Death Kn.... No, wait, Die, Blogspot!

You ... are ... kidding ... me...

Okay, I temporarily hate Blogspot.

I wrote a long article about facing Death Knights in PVP, and lost everything. Auto-save? Yes, it auto-saved after I accidently removed all I wrote. Bloody hell, it should have a auto-save which allowed you to go back to an earlier version of the document, or at least checked if the size suddenly decreased a lot.

Drat. I'll see if I can rewrite it, but right now I'm a bit annoyed.


  1. Ouch. I do most of my writing in Google Docs and copy/paste it into Wordpress when I'm done. That way if I do something stupid I can revert to a previous revision. Also, I have a 'hard copy' in case Wordpress eats soemthing. Which it hasn't, yet, but... better safe than sorry!


  2. Thanks for the advice, Seri. You know, I'm really happy that an author of my very favorite blog is reading my own.