Friday, November 14, 2008

Healing self-buffs.

Shamans got Earthliving weapon, which with Elemental Weapons improves healing done by spells by 195. I'm not sure that means the equivalent of improving healing by 195 spellpower (that is, 195*1.88) or just plain 195 healing. That's not the point right now.

Priests got Inner Fire, which with Improved Inner Fire improves spellpower by 174.

Both of these abilities are core. No talents. Further, the talents are in such a place that practically every lvl 80 shaman or priest will have them. Either they're discipline/enhancement already, or they'll off-spec from restoration/holy/elemental/shadow.

Why doesn't druids or paladins receive anything? Does that mean their spells are balanced on having lower +spellpower? From looking at descriptions only, it seems Holy Light vastly outperforms Greater Heal, which in turn outperforms Healing Touch.Finally, Healing Wave is at the very bottom of the scale. Perhaps it makes sense that Shamans got the "best" spellpower buff available (given it actually improves healing spellpower by 195. I'll have to test that.)

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