Friday, October 15, 2010

Druids: Soothe now dispels Enrage effects!

For all I know, this change might have been live for some time. However, I just discovered it by reading a tooltip. The former Soothe Animal, now Soothe, removes an enrage effect, and it's dirt cheap to cast too.

Dispelling enrage effects have some utility in PVE. However, in PVP, it'll reduce warrior damage by 10% (removing Wrecking Crew, Enrage and Bastion of Defense for the three different specs of warriors) and preventing one of their self-heals (Enraged Regeneration). Don't rely on being able to stop them from healing, though, as they can just wait for their next enrage effect (since it's a passive proc) and use Enraged Regeneration before you manage to get off a Soothe.

It should also be possible to remove Hunter's Bestial Wrath and The Beast Within. Haven't tested it yet, though. It's also possible that just soothing the pet will take care of the hunter too, at least with the way the talent is worded.

There have been a lot of other changes to spells as well, but this one had so far managed to stay under my radar.

Edit: There might also be other enrage effects it can dispel. Owlkin Frenzy is a possible candidate.


  1. Is there an addon out there that will indicate when something is soothable? Preferably in PvP!

  2. Sorry, none that I know of. The most obvious one, where a Beast Mastery hunter grows red and slightly larger, is often not too hard to spot. For others, you might want to use an addon.

    I haven't tested it specifically, but you could see if Afflicted can be configured to show it.

  3. spell alerter, but you need to set which effects you wanna be alarmed about